Sport osteopathy

As a trained sport osteopath, i endeavour to meet my patients athletes high expectations as well as those patients practising sport on a more casual basis. My common objective for any of my patients practising sport is to improve performance whilst managing pain with the appropriate treatment.

My vision of sport:

Above all, sport enables to move ones body using various physiological components (muscles, bones, arterio-veinal circulation, viscere).

During the transmission of the effort, our body will experience bio-mechanic constraints. In order to perform well, the body will need to be capable to respond to those constraints in an optimum way.


To reach its best performance, the athlete‘s objective will be in the movement optimisation. ¿Why? because an appropriate movement management will limit bio-mechanic constraints and avoid waste of precious energy in the crucial moment thus diminishing the risk of injury.


My action plan:

(Depending on patients requirements, treatments will take place in one of my clinics or in a specialised sport clinic).

  1. Organise a complete postural analysis of the athlete (in regular “non sport” conditions) in both static and dynamic conditions     (according to each individual case).
  2. Organise a specific anlysis of the athletes movements whilst practising their sport, in order to measure progress during the osteopathic treatment.
  3. Get the osteopathic analysis results and put in place a specific treatment plan taking into account the bio-mechanics compensations as a result of the type of sport practised.
  4. Put in place a decision tree system in order to adapt to each athletes need (basic or adanced physical preparation, physiotherapy, nutritionist follow-up, osteopathic and bio-mechanic treatment of the movement, sport medicine).
  5. I guaranty the written professional follow-up of each professional involved in part of the treatment in order to improve performance.
  6. Each athlete will receive a detailled summary of its performance improvements and the work and effort still to be completed.