Pediatric osteopathy

Adults are not the only ones needing the services of an osteopath, babies are most likely to need them.
Pediatric osteopathy is a real alternative to the therapeutic management of your baby.
First of all, please be aware that osteopathy can help your baby even before its birth, during the pregnany follow-up in order to ensure a good pelvic mechanic during the birth.

Osteopathy can also help mums-to-be correct adjust their postures during pregancy to avoid aches & pains (sciaticas, back aches, chest pains, edema etc.).
Soon after the birth, some babies may be the subject of aches and pains due to in-utero constraints or manipulations during birth.
In order to relieve your baby from those pains, the osteopath uses soft techniques. Examples of possible reasons to visit me:

  • Congenital torticollis.
  • Problem with the sucking motion.
  • Cranial ostéopathy (the use of forceps or ventouse during birth often create cranial asymmetries in the baby).
  • Baby colics.
  • Sleeping troubles.
  • Gastroesophagal reflux.
  • Plagiocéphalia.
  • Ear, nose & throat issues (otitis, sinusitis bronchitis).

There are many more areas in which the osteopath can intervene, please do no hesitate to contact me if you have any doubt at all!