Joint pain management in Sitges

I am pleased to offer you efficient solutions to your aches & pains. Do not hesitate to contact me on:
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General osteopathy

I am Matthieu Meunier Osteopath in Sitges & Barcelona, i offer my patients an efficient therapeutic management of joints and muscles pains.

During each patient’s first osteopathic session, we will go through an anamneses: detailled patients health history, a basic postural analysis, specific tests or a bio-mechanic study more or less in-depth depending on the profile & necessity of each patient.


My treatment will vary according to each type of pain, cronical or persisting.


Techniques used will depend upon the osteopathic diagnosis, always taking into account patient health history and intuitive feelings. Following is a non-exhaustive list of consultation motives:


  • Joint pains (back, shoulders, knees etc.).
  • Back pains.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Tendinitis (tennis elbow, golf elboz etc.).
  • Cervical pains (slipped disk, protrusion, torticollis).
  • Respiratory problems (due to: asthma, stress, anxiety etc.).
  • Sinusitis or bronchitis in children or adults.
  • Temporomandibular joint problems, bruxism.
  • Orthodontia follow-up in order to prevent any effects on your child’s posture or yours.
  • Migrains & headaches.
  • Dizziness & vertigo.
  • Painful periods, painful sexual intercourse.
  • General stress (help with reaching your goals).
  • Postural problems (child development, inadecuate posture at work, etc.).
  • Pregnancy follow-up & birth osteopathic preparation.
  • Bowels disorders/problems (baby colics, hiatus hernia, constipations, etc.).
  • Osteopathic management of plagiocephaly in babies.

Duration of your osteopathic treatment: between 45 mn and 1hour, depending on the consultation motive.


If after several appointments, we come to the conclusion that the osteopathic treatment plan is not efficient, i will suggest an alternative medical strategy in collaboration with my network of specialists (doctors, sport doctors, orthodontists, acupunctors, pediatricians, physiotherapists, sport trainers, gynecologists, nutritionists, etc.). Keeping in mind that the objective is to find a solution for the patient and to guide him through the potential therapies needed.