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Matthieu Meunier, Osteopathy in Sitges and Barcelona, is a french osteopath with over 4500 training hours recognised by the OMS. My aim is to offer a complete solution to resolve my patients health problems. Amongst others, common reasons for visiting me are back & neck pains, joint pains and many other forms of pains.

In order to bring a complete solution to my patients problems, i work closely with a network of medical professionals, all recognised in their specific fields, when complementary treatments are needed or if the osteopathic approach is not sufficient.

Here is my curriculum vitae for your perusal:

Curriculum vitae

Matthieu Meunier Osteopatía en Sitges y Barcelona
Matthieur Meunier, French osteopath in Barcelona. Also english and spanish speaker (diploma recognised by the OMS).
  • Practical experience in sport (martial arts, trail running, ultra-trail, windsurf, triathlon, golf, dance, badmington).
  • Practical experience in the areas of disabilities and children (over 3000 treatments carried out between 2011 and 2014).
  • Practical experience in the corporate environment and the military (21nd RIMA in Fejus, France).


  • French Baccalaureat in Sciences (Major in Biology), Paris 2005.

  • Diploma in Osteopathy; ATMAN Osteopathic School, Sophia Antipolis (France), 2005 – 2010 (5 years).

  • University graduate diploma in Sport, UBO Brest (France), 2011.

Specific training in osteopathy

  • Training in aquatic Osteopathy, ATMAN School of Osteopathy, 2013.

  • Training with Phil Beach (New Zealand) “Contractile fields and archetypal postures” (work on superficial tissus remodelling and the fascias), CFPO, 2013.

  • Training with José Kunzler (New Zealand) “Manipulation tecniques in high velocity and low amplitud” (for the comfort and security of the patient), CFPO, 2013.

  • Training with Isabelle Toush, “Looking after the pelvic floor in osteopathy”.

  • Training in Pediatrics with Sylvie Lessard (Montréal), “Plagiocephaly from an osteopathic point of view: evaluation, decision-making, intervention”, CFPO, 2015.


  • Fundamental sciences: anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanic, semiology.

  • Osteopathy: musculo-skeletics, myofascial, craneo-sacral, visceral.

  • Radiology: basic radiography reading, MRI scanner.

  • Bi-mechanic applied in sport in order to optimise performance.

  • Stress management (in work and sport environments).

  • Languages spoken: french, english & spanish.

Experience in sport and hobbies

  • Martial arts: judo (black belt), jujitsu, french boxing, capoeira, pencak silat & muay thai.

  • Water sports: sailing & windsurf (registered instructor by the French Sailing Federation), wakeboard.

  • Endurance sports: mountain bike, trail running.

  • Dance: salsa.

Registered Osteopath

Member of the ROE n.° 470
Member of the French National Chamber of Osteopaths
n.° Adeli: 60 00 0047 5